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launch january, 2018

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Kid's Ministry

The Kids Ministry of Spotswood at Ladysmith serves newborns through 5th Graders and their parents.  Our mission is to teach and equip children to become devoted followers of Jesus Christ. How we live out this mission varies by age: 

  • Babies and Toddlers are taught that church is a safe place and that they are loved by Jesus and their church community.
  • Twos through Preschool will learn through small group time, bible stories, music and activities. These children will begin to discover basic biblical concepts and applications such as creation, obedience and making wise choices.
  • Children kindergarten through 5th grade learn through small group, large group, live worship, activities and games. Every Bible story points to Jesus and teaches how to apply biblical truths to their daily lives.

We believe parents and guardians have the primary discipleship role of their children. Our role is to support and equip parents and guardians as they raise their children to become lifelong followers of Jesus. We exist as a resource center for your family and cherish the privilege of serving you, and serving with you, to bring glory to God through His church. (A criminal background check is required to serve in the Children's ministry).  

Worship ministry

The Worship Ministry of Spotswood at Ladysmith exists to cultivate and facilitate a culture of worship through the music and tech teams. The Worship Ministry strives to create quality, transparent, and unified worship experiences through adequate preparation and community building. The vision of the Worship Ministry is to develop new music and tech leaders that serve at Spotswood at Ladysmith and proceed to be integral parts of new church plants.

If you are interested in joining the worship team, please contact Aaron Haynes at

If you are interested in joining the tech team, please contact Matt Pippin at